You are no accident or afterthought! Jeremiah 1.

Have you ever wondered what God was doing before He made all of Creation?He thought about it.Before you make,paint,invent or play anything you think and plan it.What we do and say come from what we desire or think.
God told Jeremiah `Before I formed you in the womb I knew you`JER1:5  David said that before he was even born God had written a book of the days of his life prior to David living them. Precious thoughts.  (PSA139:13-18) What a thought God knew me before he formed me. He planned me.

Because God has a plan for you! He made you for a purpose. He told Jeremiah that He had set him apart to be a prophet.  JER.1:5. Ah! but that`s only for prophets or great men of God. No, God has a plan for every believer. He already has prepared good works for us to do before we even start out in our walk with Him.EPHES.2:10.
God thought about you, knew you and set out a purpose for your life before you were born. You are an instrument, a vessel in His hand over whom he watches ready to perform His intentions.
Do I just sit back and let it happen? No, God told Jeremiah to `prepare`,`arise` and `speak`.JER.1:17. He had something to do. Let us find out what Gods purpose is for our lives and what works He wants us to do. Prepare, get up and do.
Purposeless lives are boring, uneventful, unexciting and hopeless. The Christian life is the opposite!


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