Two Evils. Jeremiah 3:1-13

God told His people they had committed two evils.

1.They forsook Him the Fountain of Life.Like a lover leaving their partner,a wife leaving her husband or a husband leaving his wife, Gods people left Him for other gods/idols.They left the Glory-the Awesome One True and Living God full of goodness and kindness for gods that could neither hear nor speak.No comparsion.God regards it as a great evil when we loose our first love for Him,nolonger seeking Him , talking to Him nor worshipping Him but instead loving someone else,hobby,career,house,possession or sport. Remember God is the Fountain or Spring of Life who refreshes,quenches and satisfies.Gives life to the full.

2.They carved out for themselves cisterns (holding tanks).Tried to satisfy their own thirst and provide for their own needs.But they where broken cisterns-didn`t hold water.Walked after things that didn`t profit.They went to the rivers in Egypt and Assyria but their trusted allies did not give them success.God said `Your own wickedness will correct you and  backsliddings rebuke you`.Their friends outside the Covenant people ended up doing them harm.We should learn from this.

Unsatisfied?Thirsty for something more?Jesus taught the woman of Samaria that He would give a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.John4:1-26.Full unending satisfying life is found in Him.Seek God.Fall in love with Him.Trust in Jesus.Be  continually filled with the Holy Spirit and enjoy life to the full.


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