Do not trust your place of worship! Jeremiah 7.

Do you believe everything is all right as long as you have got your place of worship and attend it regularly? Gods people in Jeremiahs day believed that because they had the Temple of God and brought their offerings of worship the invading Babylonians would not destroy them nor God punish them.However Jeremiah warned them that as in the past (Shiloh 1SAM.4:10,11) because of their wickedness God would remove the place of worship and His presence.They could not trust in the Temple and bring their offerings yet at the same time steal,murder,commit adultery and worship other gods.God wouldn`t even answer their prayers.
Do we believe we`ll be ok if we attend our place of worship and bring our acts of worship weekly?Does not matter if during the week we steal from our employer,lust after our neighbours wife,hate in our heart so and so,hold bitterness against someone who has wronged us or worship some possession or person.Or does it matter? Yes it does.The place of worship and our acts of worship are secondary.Worship is a lifestyle.To love,serve,trust and obey God with our hold heart is what matters.


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