Who do you trust when facing trials,trouble or lack? Jeremiah 17:9,10

Israel and Judah when facing famine and an invading army turned from trusting God to relying on the help of Egypt and the Assyrians.They turned from the fountain of life to the rivers of Egypt and Assyria.Jer.2.When we face trials,trouble or lack do we depend on God or rely on man? In a spiritual wilderness do we seek out a prophet,a great teacher or our pastor before we seek God the Fountain of life?In a financial famine do we put our hope in a good employer or generous bank?What about God as our Provider and the wisdom of His Word in handling our money?When you trust God you will not fear when the heat comes on nor be anxious in the year of drought.
Thank God we can trust, rely on, depend on , put our weight on , our confidence and hope in Him.God gives His people a choice-a choice between life and death;blessing and cursing;to trust God or trust man.
Instead of doing our own thing and following our opinions hear and obey Him.Forsaking other gods of our own making passionately love and serve the One True and Living God. Deut.30:15-20.


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