But the Lord is with me. Jeremiah 20:11

Have you ever felt like giving up? No longer use the gift, fulfil the ministry or speak the Word God has given you? No one listens,tongues wag,others mock and some even looking rid of you. When Jeremiah the prophet delivered Gods word to Israel and Judah calling them to repent and warning of coming judgement they refused to listen ; devised plans against him ; attacked him with the tongue JER18:18 ; they mocked him ; tried to get him to change his message JER.20:7 ; tried to kill him JER.26:8 ; burnt his scroll JER.36:23 ; and put him in prison JER.38:6. Why not just give up Jeremiah?Yes he felt like it. With daily opposition he said to himself`I will not make mention of Him (God) anymore or speak in His name` JER.20:9 Did he? NO! Why? Gods Word burned within his heart and he could not help but speak out what God gave him. JER.20:9 Let the gift,ministry or Word God has given you burn within.Let the Word of God dwell in you richly.Allow the Holy Spirit to overflow from your heart by drinking at the fountain. COL.3:16; JN7:37-39; 1COR.12:7.
In the middle of opposition seeing fellow countrymen against him Jeremiah said `But the LORD IS WITH ME AS A MIGHTY AWESOME ONE therefore my persecutors will stumble and not prevail` JER.20:11 Look up.God is with you and He is Mighty and Awesome.Be of good courage.Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.You are not on your own. EPH.6:10 ; HEB.13:5.


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