God has thoughts of peace,hope and a future for you. Jeremiah 29:11-14 ; 31:31-34

Israel and Judah because they had forsaken Gods Covenant and worshipped other gods suffered famine,the sword and pestilence.They went into captivity for 70 years under the Babylonians.However as a loving Father disciplines and corrects His children the purpose is to bring about peace and safety,that they may learn and ultimately benefit from doing right so God loved Israel and Judah.He did not put them out of His mind and forget about them.He didn`t say `I`m finished with them` and put Himself out of their reach.Instead He had plans to give them hope and a future.God would listen and answer when they called on Him.
Everyone has broken Gods laws and fallen short of His standards.All guilty of breaking the law deserve its curse. DEUT.28:15 ; ROM.3 ; GAL. 3:10.
God promised He would make a New Covenant and it would be good. JER.31:31 ; 33:14. It would include ;
1.A King and Saviour.`to David a branch of Righteousness a king shall reign…in His days Judah will be saved and Israel dwell safely…He will be called the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS`. JER.23:5-6 ; 33:15-18
2.Sins forgiven.`I will forgive their iniquity and sin remember no more. jer.31:34.
3.The Law would be written on their hearts and no longer would they teach men to know Me for they will all know Me. JER.31:33-34.
4.I will be their God and they shall be My people. JER.31:33.
5.They would return and dwell in the land.In fact they would dwell safely. JER.23:6 ; 30:3 ; 31:23 ; 33:16.
1.Sent a Deliverer. Jesus Christ the Son of David,Saviour and King. MATT1:1,20-25,68-79 ; LK2:25-35.The Lord our Righteousness.By faith in Jesus Christ we become the righteousness of God in Him. 2COR.5:21 ; ROM.3.
2.Forgives. The Saviour is also the Lamb-the one sacrifice made for sin.He took the punishment for our sins – the price paid,sin washed away and no longer remembered anymore. HEB.9 ; 10:19-25.
3.Law written in our hearts.The New Covenant not of the letter but the Spirit which gives life.The Spirit reveals the Lord and causes us to keep His laws changing us to be like Him.Now we know Him and have the mind of Christ. 2COR.2-4 cf. EZE.36:25-27.
4.Owns us. Purchased,belong to God and He belongs to us.His own special people. 1PETER 2:9 Promise not just for Israel and Judah but also includes us outsiders.Gentiles now if we call on the Lord become fellow citizens and share the covenant of promise. EPH.2;11-22.
5.Will give the land. Following the Babylonian captivity the people returned to the land and rebuilt the city.Since they have lost it and suffered under `occupiers` and again returned. One day Israel and Judah will dwell safely in the land- the kingdom restored and the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. REV.11:15.


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