God preserves those who trust Him.Jeremiah 39:15-18; 45:1-5.

Love God passionately.Be faithful to His Word and trust God for He will look after you.
The Babylonians took Israel and continued south into Judah taking captives.When the King of Judah dies the Babylonians appoint Zediakiah king over Judah.Jeremiah warns if the people don`t return to God the Babylonians would come and destroy Jerusalem.Jeremiah is imprisoned and the prophecy burnt.The Egyptians hear of the Babylonians advancement so they gather armies and head northwards.Zediakiah fearing the captive Jews in Babylon turns to the Egyptians to save Jerusalem ignoring Jeremiahs warnings.While the armies of Babylon temporarily withdrew they return and take Jerusalem killing the princes and blinded Zediakiah.Jeremiah was released.A remnant of Jews at first wanted to hear what God said but then fled to Egypt for help.Jeremiah warned that the Babylonians would strike Egypt.Gods people could not run from judgement their only hope was to return to the Lord.
WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO REMAINED FAITHFUL TO GOD AND BELIEVED THE PROPHET? DURING THE JUDGEMENTS ON THE PEOPLE,CAPTIVITY,CALAMITY AND DESOLATION WHAT OF THEIR FATE? GOD PRESERVES THEM.Ebed-Melech naturally afraid of the Babylonians God promises to deliver and preserve him because he put his trust in the Lord. Baruch who wrote Jeremiahs prophecies and rewrote when burnt was dismayed and felt the Lord had added to his grief seeing what happened to Jerusalem was told `do not seek great things for yourself but I will give your life to you….in all places wherever you go`Among a people who rebell against God refusing His Word God always preserves those faithful eg Noah,Joshua,Caleb and David. PSA.31;23 Oh love the Lord all you His saints.For the Lord preserves the faithful.


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