tollymore camp siteWhile camping in Tollymore Forest Park gales hit the camp site on the Saturday night (our first night) and then on the following Friday during the day.A number of tents where brought down and a few destroyed by the force of the winds.On the Saturday night my wife and I could not sleep watching the poles of the tent bend side to side.Would the outer cover rip off? Or the inner tent parachute us uppers a quick exit from earth to heaven?Unknown to each other we were repeating Jesus words-`Peace be still` to the winds and ourselves.Now I know a little of how the disciples felt. Fear. Jesus Himself slept. No way could I sleep in Tollymore that night.But Jesus knew His Father and trusted in His care.Oh that I may know Him more.On both occasions when we prayed for the wind to cease it didn`t right away.Saturday night it lasted 5hrs and the following Friday it howled all day until the early hours of the next morning.I learned that IN the storm TRUST HIM.In the shadow of Your wings I will make you my refuge.Until these calamities have passed by.Psa.57:1.Sometimes in life our various storms don`t calm down immediately when we pray but trust Him He is with you in the storm and will be a shelter in the winds. cf.ISA32:2 ; PSA63:7 ; 91:1.


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