african-lionA few years ago while staying in the Lake District as a family we visited Wild in the Park.A great day out.When observing the Lions in their enclosure my wife commented-‘He (male lion) doesn`t have to do anything just his presence has a impact.Majestic.He carries authority. King of the jungle`.It reminded me of Jesus Christ described as `The Lion of the tribe of Judah` REV.5:5 Jesus the Lamb and Lion receives all power,riches,wisdom,strength,honour,glory and blessing.The strength of his presence is seen when an angry mob parted as He passed through. LK4:28-30.A lion which is mighty among beasts and does not turn away from any.PROV.30:30 When Jesus died on the cross they did not take His life He gave it.Jesus conquered sin,death and Satan.He was tempted and faced what we face but never sinned and still took the punishment for our sin.He defeated death rising again and revealed Himself to many.He spoilt principalities and powers.That reminds me of when one of my children lifted a board game while the rest of us were playing and spoilt the game.Jesus more than spoilt the enemies game He destroyed Satan who had the power of death. One day when His enemies rise against Him He will meet them the Lamb of God,the Lion of Judah and conquer King of Kings. Heb.1:3 ; 2:14 ; COL.2:15 ; 1COR.15:15-56 REV.6:16 ; 17:14.
God has exalted Him above everything.May we see the extent and greatness of His power that works for us who believe.EPH.1:18-23.I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. PHIL.4:13


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