We cannot stop the ageing process no matter how much we pursue healthy habits to benefit the body and mind.Many are not satisfied with their health or lack of it,how they look or how they feel.`Mutton dressed as lamb`-some in later years try to dress or act as younger versions but stick out like a sore thumb.A growing number try operations,alternative therapies and medicines to prolong their youthful looks or more importantly life.Some exchange a personal God for an impersonal energy tapped into through massage,needles,breathing posture and mind control.While we can experience a degree of health physically and mentally ageing process continues.BUT REMEMBER we are more than a Body and Mind.We have a spirit originally given by God.He breathed into Adam `the breath of life`. Gen.2:7 cf. 1Thess.5:23. When a man dies on the table the doctor my say `He has gone` but his body is still there -feet,legs arms hair…The doctor is talking about the mans spirit.In pursuing WHOLENESS we look not just for a healthy body and mind but more importantly a healthy spirit.How can we have a healthy spirit?
1.Be born again.Sin brought death to all men.Not just physical death but also spiritual death – separation from God the Giver of life. Rom.5:12-21 ; 6:23 ; Gen.3:22,23 ; Isa.59:2 We need to be reborn – born of the Spirit – Gods Holy Spirit coming within – Gods breath of Life. Jesus told a religious ruler and unsatisfied woman that they needed to come to Him and BELIEVE in Him to receive Life – Everlasting Life. Jn3/4. In Adam all die even so in Christ all shall be made alive. 1Cor.15:22. He is the Way,the Truth and the LIFE. Jn16:6 Gods Spirit indwelling gives life.
2.Live according to Spirit.If Gods Spirit is in you let Him be the source of your life and not allow your body and mind to dominate.Sin starts by being enticed/tempted by your own desires and produces death. Jas.1:15 To be spiritually minded is life and peace. Rom.8:1-11 Come to Jesus Christ and be continually filled, immersed ,overflowing with the Holy Spirit -the life of God.His Spirit in your spirit will produce love,joy,peace,goodness,self control….Gal.5:22.
Finally we who believe in Jesus Christ have this great treasure within our body and although outwardly it is perishing(ageing,in decay) our inner man is being renewed day by day.Our outward tent/habitation/body will be exchanged for a new building/tent/body from God. 1Cor.4:7,16 ; 5:1-7.


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