The Babylonians invaded Israel and Judah taking the people captive,removing articles from the Temple and placing them in the house of the Babylonians god.Fully integrating the people into Babylonian society there was the danger that Gods people would lose their identity.Daniel and his three friends were selected to be trained in the language and literature of the Chaldeans,given new names and prepared to serve the king.Provided with the best of the kings food.BUT Daniel would not defile himself with the kings delicacies.Why?Daniel did not lose sight of who he was – one of Gods Covenant people.As such he would only eat certain foods and abstain from others.Also pagans often offered their food and drink to idols.Daniel would not be dainted by anything offered to false gods.He believed in the One True and Living God.
Have you ever heard parents tell their kids when they go out -`remember who your father and mother are`or `remember where you`re from`?The idea is that their childrens actions don`t bring dishonour to the family name or they are to remember how they were brought up.As Gods children living in this world we should remember who our Father is and who we are.The god of this world and society wants us to conform,fit in and adopt the same lifestyle.However like Daniel remember we belong to God,don`t conform but allow our lifestyle and choices to be influence by Him.Allow the Word of God and the nature of God in us by the Holy Spirit to show us what is acceptable and pleasing to Him.
Daniel did not live with an imposing,arrogant,proud or `holier than thou` attitude.He `requested` and said `please test your servants`.God gave him favour and goodwill with the chief.Purpose in your heart to please God and respect others.Yes some will scorn but with others you will gain respect.
To be different and not to conform does not mean to loose out.Daniel and his friends lived successfully in Babylon God gave them wisdom and the king gave them rewards and positions of authority.In the New Testament the early believers `found favour with all people`. Acts2:47.


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