089Take a few full buckets of water out of the sea and the ocean doesn`t even notice it. During the summer as families on the beach take bucket loads of water out of the sea to pour around their sand castles it has no effect on the vast ocean. Gods love is similar inexhaustible.You draw from His love and there is much more left.There is more than enough. If I sin Gods love is sufficient to forgive and forget when I confess to Him.But I sin big! Gods love is bigger.Gods love Jesus sorts out sin – He took the penalty for sin,broke the power of sin giving freedom and sorts out the consequences of sin empowering lifeJesus moved with compassion brought about change in ordinary peoples lives in extraordinary ways.God is love and hasn`t changed.Paul prayed believers would grasp the extent , length,breadth and width of Gods love. Never be afraid to call on God and ask of Him too much.You can never exhaust His love.Our `big` requests are `tiny` to our great God who is above all.Don`t try to buy Gods love not for sale. Already paid for its free.God loves you not because of who you are,what you are or where you are.He chose to love you because He wants to. Will you receive Him? God is love.Jesus.


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