Dublin Camping 2011 231Have you ever relaxed and enjoyed the peace in Botanic Gardens, Belfast or Phoenix, Park Dublin?During the summer the family and I pitched our tent in Camac Valley Camp Site .The site is beside Corkagh Park with its fishing lakes,flower garden,open farm,cricket  pitch and walks among the trees and green fields.A place to chill out,relax,wind down in the peace and tranquillity.Yet this park is right beside the busy M50 surrounded by Tallagh and Clonakin. I never noticed or realised the noise of the traffic until at night in the dark or when I closed my eyes it briefly grabbed my attention.This taught me a lesson – you can experience calmness and peace in the middle of the busyness of life.Rest when surrounded by restlessness.Whether you are in troubling circumstances,restless distractions or in the middle of the busyness of family or work life you can enjoy peace and rest. HOW? What we saw with our eyes (the beauty of the park) captured our heart more than the noise we could have heard(the traffic on the M50). In life look to Jesus.Behold His beauty.Fix your eyes on Him.Let your eyes see the Light and your whole body will be full of light.The Psalmist is often captivated by Gods creation and his eyes ever towards the Lord.The result deliverance from fears and troubles,light in the darkness and his face is radiant. What and who you look at effects how you feel.The light of the eyes rejoices the heart. Prov.15:30. It also reminds me that Jesus is the Light of the world and when we look to Him we live and are full of light/radiant.We are lights to the world.Don`t hide.Paul was to be a light to the Gentiles.The world will be influenced not by what we say but by what they see in us – the Light.


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