High and low tidesWhen singing the song `Praise is rising Hearts are turning to You` I thought `Are hearts turning to Him?`God reminded me that when you look at history there have been seasons when God has moved.Just like the High and Low Tide Gods Spirit moves like waves.There are times when there is a real move of God many turning to Christ,healings,miracles,visions,believers on fire and truth restored.Then there are quiet times , a lull , interest wanes and nothing much seems to be happening.What do you do when there seems to be nothing happening-no move of God? God reminded me that at low tide the ocean hasn`t disappeared it`s still there.God is here.He hasn`t gone away.We got to move towards Him. I remember years ago going for a swim in Newcastle.We had to go out a long distance to reach the sea and even further to be deep enough to swim. God calls us to come to Him.Seek Him. Thirst,hunger and move towards God.When in His presence just don`t go ankle or knee deep – swim.We could have stayed on the pebble beach and grumbled-`Where is the tide?`When there seems to be no move of God or things not happening don`t grumble and complain RUN TO THE OCEAN OF GODS SPIRIT.Seek Him and you will find Him Pursue His presence for God is here. Yes during High tide it`s easy to catch fish.If it`s low tide take a boat and launch out into the deep.


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