God loves us with an unselfish,unmmeasurable and unending love.Jesus Christ took the punishment we deserved.He has forgiven us,forgets our sins,and releases us from the imprisonment to sin and its consequences.We don`t deserve it.God loves us because He wants to.He went further as when we believed in Christ God poured this same love INTO us. Paul speaks of Gods` grace in you` as `His indescrible gift` 2COR.10:14,15.We become carriers of the love of God and as He is a Giver of Grace we too are to GIVE – Freely you have received freely give.You can be a sponge and just soak in the love of God or you can be a jar and pour out Gods love and goodness to others.Paul pointed to the churches of Macedonia as an example of those who had received the grace of God and of how they gave liberally to meet the needs of others.The Corinthians who had everything-faith,knowledge,love,speech 2Cor.8:7 spiritual gifts 1COR.1:5-7 Paul encourages to abound in this grace also 2COR.8:7-giving financially/practically to the needs of others. When the Holy Spirit comes within us He brings the grace/love of God depositing blessings,favour and gifts. ROM.5:5 ; 12:6 1COR.1:4-7 ; 12:4-11.The purpose of these gifts of grace is not to satisfy ourselves,promote an ego trip or build an empire but to serve others.The love of God flowing through us toserve-for the ministering to the saints 2COR.8:4 ; 9:1,12.ARE YOU A SPONGE OR JUG?


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