1_FoundationsWhen building any type of structure it is important to have a good solid foundation. Jesus declared that the only house that would remain in the midst of a storm is the house built on a rock. By hearing and obeying Him one builds on the Rock. Jesus Christ the Word is the only Rock on which to build. Lk6:47-49 ; JN.1:14 ; 1COR.3:10,11.
The Bible describes the church as “a spiritual house”, Jesus Christ “ the chief cornerstone” and each believer “a living stone”. 1PETER2:4-6. The desire of Jesus Christ is not to gather numerous adherents but to make disciples who observe all that He taught. MATT.28:19, 20. The purpose of God is not to accumulate a pile of “living stones” but to build “a holy temple” in which to fill with His glorious presence. EPH.2:19-22.
“Building on Solid Foundations” is a basic outline of important truths for the building of the local church to fulfil Gods purpose. God is calling out a people to Himself, who grow up into maturity, filled with His life, reflecting Jesus Christ to the world and revealing the wisdom of God to principalities and powers. EPH.2:1-4,24.


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