Gods people were instructed to tell their children and their children’s children about His covenant and what God had done for them. When they did not remember and testify of what God had done for them in the PAST then in the PRESENT  whatever they faced they questioned,limited and did not trust God resulting in their refusing to obey Him. If we forget what God has done in the past for us we may question and not trust God in what we are facing today.Do not forget the wonderful works of God,His strength and goodness.`LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE`. DAN.4:2 ; PSA.66:16

WHY? IT STIRS HOPE – PSA78:7  that they may set their hope in God.. Whatever circumstance dont-forgetyou are in,mountain you face,trial going through,obstacle in your way,when you REMEMBER what God has done in the past-the works of God – it gives you hope for the present – He can do it for you again.

WHY? IT INCREASES FAITH -When about to enter Canaan and they saw the giants-too big for us-full of unbelief they wouldn`t advance. PSA78:42-55 They did not remember questioned God?`Can He…?` v19,20 If we easily forget the powerful works and miracles of God we can be full of unbelief today question and limit Gods ability to work in our lives today.Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Declare,testify and tell of what God has done.Speak of His praises,power and strength.

WHY? IT DISCOURAGES BACKSLIDDING-when Israel forgot what God had done for them they became faithless disobeyed and turned to other gods. If we forget Gods work and goodness to us we can easily become faithless and turn to other things,people and sources for help,strength and answers.Disobedience flows from unbelief.   PSA78:57-59

WHY REMEMBER WHAT GOD HAS DONE?- IT GIVES ENCOURAGEMENT IN THE DAY OF BATTLE PSA78:9-11 The children of Ephraim being armed and carrying bows ready for battle turned back-forgot His works and the wonders He had shown them. You can gear of for spiritual battle ready to possess all God has for you but fear,grow weary, lose strength, quit and give up not reminding yourself of what God has done and His power.He has given victory in the past HE WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH INTO VICTORY AGAIN.



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