oil lampOne evening worshipping God with a few friends I visualised a oil lamp at a height with a light burning bright.No matter how dark it got the light continued to shine.The darker it become the brighter the light shone.Jesus Christ is the Light (JOHN1:9 ; 8:12) In Him is life and that life the light of men. He shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome the Light.No matter what darkness surrounds us or we sense we are in, look to Jesus the Light as nothing can put out His Light.Worshipping Him draws your focus from what surrounds you to see Him.
I noticed oil spilling over from the oil lamp unto the ground and each drop of oil fuelled a flame giving light.A scripture came to my mind-`anointed more than his companions`.Jesus the Christ (Anointed One) declared when commencing the work prepared for Him,`the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has anointed Me…`Luke4:18 ; Isaiah61:1 ; 11:2.The writer to the Hebrews wrote concerning the Son (Jesus)`Therefore Your God has anointed You with oil of gladness more than Your companions. Hebrews1:9 cf. Isaiah61:3. Peter on the Day of Pentecost told those in Jerusalem God raised Jesus and as David had said of Him (the Messiah/Christ)He would not decay,know the ways of life and be full of joy.Acts2:22-28 Peter went on to say that Jesus now at the right hand of the Father poured out the promised Holy Spirit on men.Acts2:29-39.The Holy Spirit gives us LIFE and the oil gives us JOY.The Spirit of the Lord changes us to be like Him. 2Corinthians3:17-4:6.As He is in this world so are we.1JN4:17.Lights.
If we are lights what would put our lights out?The darkness?NO. NO.Darkness cannot overcome the light.
What would dim or cause our lights to flicker?Lack of fuel.Low on oil.Be continually filled with the Spirit. Ephesians5:18 Arise shine for your Light has come. Isa.60:1


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