-My wife is called Shirley and I have a son called Daniel and daughters Grace and Lucy.We are related but we have more – we are friends, share, companionship -spend time with each other. God is looking for more than relationship He wants friendship/fellowship and not just emergency meetings-Lord I`m in trouble help me! or Lord I need….God wants to spend time with us.He wants us to spend time with Him.Jesus spent time alone with His Father.Jesus did not speak His own words but what His Father gave Him. Also He did what He saw His Father doing.John 5:19,20 ; 12:49 ; 14:10.Jesus speaking to a lukewarm church wanted more than a relationship in title but to have intimate fellowship.Rev.3:20 Behold I stand at the door and knock.If anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come in to him and dine with him and he with Me. Jesus said if we love Him He and the Father would make their home with us. John 14:23. God not only wants be be a Father to us but to walk among us. 2Cor.6:16.Enoch walked with God. Do you want to go on a walk?
When we go on a walk with someone we-
1.Set time aside for their company. God called Moses apart. Ex19.Separate from others and stuff. Spent time in Gods company.
2.Give attention to them.Things are happening around you traffic etc but you are together.
3.Walk and talk. Prayer is simply talking to God. Speak to Him.
4.Be yourself.When you walk and talk to a friend you don`t use fancy language or well picked words.Down to earth natural normal speech.Not all religious.
5.Listen.Nothing worse than spending time with someone who does all the talking and never listens to what you have to say.Talk to God and shut up. Listen. Learn to recognise the voice of the Holy Spirit.
6.No alternative motives.Yes its good to go for a walk with someone to get advice or get something off your chest but its good to walk and talk just for simple friendship.Tell Him you love Him.
IS HE CALLING YOU FOR A WALK AND TALK? The hand of the Lord was upon me there and He said to me Arise go out into the plain and their I shall talk with you. Eze 3:22


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