A number of years ago I heard a preacher throw out the challenge and explained the value of writing down some personal ‘committments’.It is good to have goals and be committed to them.Aim for nothing and you certainly will achieve nothing.Writing down what you want to commit to helps you prioritise and focus what’s important in life.Re reading them helps to evaluate your progress and re align when necessary.

Here are a few I found I had written down.

1.To love God with everything I’ve got-all my heart,mind and soul.Cultivating my relationship with Him,getting to know Him,follow Him,worship Him and work with Him.

2.To love my wife just as Jesus Christ loves His Church.Being a good husband,cherishing her,deepening our relationship as best friends becoming one.

3.To be a good father loving my children,leading by example and with wisdom, always being available for them.

4.To fulfill the purpose for which I was born.To serve and use the gifts given by God to increase,build up and encourage the church-my family.

5.To be a witness of the Good News of Jesus Christ.To call all to believe in Him,follow and get to know Him.

6.To be a good steward of the household finances and as an employee to work with dilgence and excellence.

7.To write down the vision,wisdom and all I have learned from knowing God,sharing it with others.







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