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The `laying on of hands` in the Bible was an act to impart something from one to another.In my part of the world to `lay hands on someone` meant giving them a `hiding`,beating them up and doing harm.Thankfully in the Bible it has a different use. Here are some examples outlining the purpose for the`laying on of hands`.

1.To place the sins of the people on to the sacrifice offering.Aaron laid both hands on the head of the live goat,confessing over it all the sins of the people,putting them on the head of the goat.LEV.16:21,22.The burnt offering would be accepted as an atonement for the people.LEV.1:1-5.This foreshadowed Jesus who came and God laid on Him our sin-He became the sacrifice for the sins of the world taking the punishment we deserved.ISA.53:4-6 ; HEB.9;10.

2.To confer a blessing.Jacob laid his hands on the sons of Joseph and blessed them.The firstborn who usually received the greater blessing was blessed with the right hand. GEN.48:14. Aaron lifted his hand towards the people and blessed them.LEV.9:22. Jesus laid His right hand on John blessing him with encouragement and strength. REV.1:17 ; ISA.41:10 .Jesus led His disciples out as far as Bethlehem lifted up His hand and blessed them. LUKE24:50. Jesus laid hands on little children,prayed and blessed them. MATT.19:13-15 ; MARK10:13-16.

3.For the healing of the sick. Jesus laid hands on everyone of them and healed them.LK.4;40 ; 13;13. These signs will follow those who believe….they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.MARK16:17,18. Through the hands of the Apostle smany signs and wonders were done among the people Saul received his sight when Ananias laid hands on him. ACTS9:17 Continue reading THE LAYING ON OF HANDS




John prophecied that Jesus would baptise His disciples with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Matt.3:11.Jesus called His disciples to wait in Jerusalem after His ascension. `For John baptised with water but in a few days you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit. Acts1:5. On the Day of Pentecost `They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance` Acts2:1-4. Peter explaining what had taken place declared that this was what Joel had spoken of when he prophecied ` God would pour His Spirit on all flesh`Joel2:28-32 Acts2:14-21.This promised gift of the Holy Spirit was ` you and your children and to all who are afar off,as many as the Lord our God will call. Acts2:38,39.


Baptise (Greek:baptizo) means – to dip,to immerse.To be Baptised with the Holy Spirit means to be immersed in the person of the Holy Spirit.Scripture speaks of the Holy Spirit being `poured out on them` and `falling on them`. Acts8:14-17 ; 10:44,45.Paul draws the contrast calling believers to be filled with the Spirit and not drunk with wine. Ephes.5:18 ; Acts2:1-4.This means more than having the Holy Spirit indwelling but having Him fill your life and overflowing.The disciples had received the Spirit when Jesus breathed on them. Jn20:22.Just as when God first breathed into Adam he received life Gen.2:7 the disciples received new life when Jesus breathed on them.But now He wanted to fill them and work through them in power. Jesus not only spoke of a well of water within springing up into everlasting life Jn4:1-26 but also for those who were thirsty and believed rivers of living water flowing out from their innermost being. Jn7:37-39. Paul urges believers to be filled with the Spirit-the word `filled` used in the continuous sense. Ephes.5:18 The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit on a number of occasions. Acts2:1-4 ; 4:31. Don`t be satisfied with having Gods Spirit within desire and be filled,baptised and overflowing with the life of the Spirit.


1.Power to be a witness (to testify of and to show Jesus).Boldness to speak the Word of God. Acts1:8 ; 4:31.      
2.Joy.Praising God ,speaking of His works and glorifying Jesus. Acts2:11 ; 10:46 ; 13:52 Ephes.5:18,19 ; Jn16:14.  
3.The Spirit gives gifts and ministries distributing to each individual.Every believer equipped to function in Christs Body. Acts2:4,17,18 ; 10:46 ; 19:6 ; 1Cor.12:7-11
4.Revealing the life of Jesus Christ to others.Being changed to be more like Him producing the fruit of the Spirit.   2Cor.3:17,18 ; 4:7-10 ; Gal.5:16-18 ; Rom.8:13.


Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Be thirsty-you must desire to be filled with the Spirit.
Go to Jesus-don`t expect to receive from men.
Ask.Talk to Jesus.You do not just empty your mind and receive anything but specifically ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit.
Believe that you will receive.Faith.God will not give you a `stone` if you ask for the fulness of the Spirit. Matt.7:7-11
Drink.Receive.When something is offered to you you must reach out and accept it.
Now expect the Holy Spirit to flow from within.Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.The Spirit will cause you to rejoice,speak in tongues prophecy… led by the Spirit.


The-baptism-by-full-immersionWater baptism follows repentance and faith in Christ.

Jesus told His disciples to `make disciples and baptise them in the name of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit.Matt.28:16-20 Mk.16:16. The disciples followed His instructions. Acts 2:37-47 ; 10:44-48. After many heard the message and believed in Jesus Christ they were baptised in water.  Acts 8;12-15,35-38 ; 10:47,48 ; 16:30-34 ; 19:4,5.


It is the answer of a good conscience towards God. 1Pet.3:21


The word `baptizo` (Greek) means `to dip or to immerse`.It involves being submerged under water.The meaning excludes sprinkling. John baptised in Aenon near Salim because there was much water there. Jn3:23 Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and he baptised him. Acts 8:36-39.


Water baptism is an outward expression of a real inward experience.

It involves baptism into Jesus Christ….

Firstly  His death and burial.

We identify as Christ died so we died.We died to sin,putting off and burying the old body of sin. Rom.6:3-11 ; Col. 2:11-12.Now we are no longer slaves to sin but reckon ourselves dead to sin.Sin has no more rule over us – we have been freed.

The Law rules over a man while he lives but we have died.Now we are dead to the Law and are delivered from the Law.God has forgiven us for breaking the Law and has wiped out the writing requirements that was against us. Satan who accuses us can`t.He is disarmed.We are forgiven.  Rom.7:1-6 ; Col. 2:12-15.

Secondly His resurrection.

Just as Christ was raised from the dead we too have been raised to walk in a new life. We are alive to God. Gods life His Spirit lives in us. Having His nature we serve God and present ourselves to living right.The Holy Spirit produces the fruit of a God like life in us. Rom.6:4,5,10-13,17-22 ; 7:4-6 ; 8:11 ; Col. 2:12 ; Gal.5:22-25 ; 2Peter 1:3,4.


faith in GodTOWARDS GOD.

Have you found yourself in the same position as Paul in the New Testament? The good he wanted to do he didn`t do and the evil he did not want to do he practiced. Rom.7:15-25.No matter how much we try to live without committing sin we fail.When we break the law we deserve the punishment which includes the curse and death the penalty. Deut.26:14 Rom.5:12-18 Gal.3:10.We need rescued from ourselves.Saved from sin and its consequences.WHO IS ABLE?  GOD – He is the Saviour of all men and is able to save totally.Rom.7:23 Heb.7:25.


The Good News is through Jesus Christ.God loved us so much that He sent His Son into the world to save us from our sins-He is the Saviour. Matt.1:21 Jn3:16,17 1Tim.1:15 1Jn4:14.Jesus did not sin and kept all Gods law doing what His Father asked. 1Pet.2:22 Jn14:31;15:10 2Cor.5:21 Heb.4:15 1Jn3:5.God showed His love for us by placing the punishment we deserved for our sin on His Son Jesus,who did not deserve punishment because He did not sin. Jesus took our place-the Great Exchange. Rom.5:8 2Cor.5:21 Heb2:9 ; 9:28.Jesus Christ loved us and gave Himself for us bearing our sorrows and sickness becoming a curse and tasting death in our place. JN15:13 Matt.8;17 Heb.2:9 Gal.3;13 1Pet.2:24 ;3;18 1Jn3:16.


To receive this salvation-to be saved from sin and its consequences you need to have faith in God.Believe He is who He says He is and rewards those who call on Him. Heb.11:6 If you turn to God and call on the Lord Jesus you will be saved.Rom.10:13.Many choose to believe a lie instead of the truth of God.Often with their wisdom view God and Jesus Christ as foolishness. Rom.10:13 1Cor.1:21 But those who believe the message God is pleased to save.Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in what He has done for you, Receive the gift of His love. JN3:16 Rom.10;9 Acts16:31 2Tim.3:15.


When you believe and accept what Jesus Christ has done for you-
HE FORGIVES US OUR SINS and not just ignoring them He removes them.He has chosen to nolonger remember our sins and does not hold any record of wrongs.Psa.103:12 ISA.43:25 Jer.31:34 Acts13;38 Eph.1:7 Col2:13 Heb.8:12 1Jn1:9.
HE FREES US.Nolonger condemned,released from the death sentence,free from the curse and penalty of breaking Gods law. JN3:18 Rom.8:1 Gal.3:10-13.
HE JUSTIFIES US-acquitted from guilt,pronounced righteous,just as if we never sinned and when He looks at us He doesn`t see our sin but sees Jesus Christ His righteousness- a gift to us. Rom.3:21-26 ; 4:5-8,22-25 ; 5:6-21 ; 10:1-13 1JN1:9-2:1.


To repent means to change ones mind, attitude or direction. It is to turn around or to make amendment. John the Baptist, Jesus and the early disciples called all men everywhere to repent.
Matt.3:1-8 ; 4:17 ; Mk6:7-13 ; Acts2:38 ; 20:20,21.
Have you ever travelled along a road and realised you were not going in the right direction? You discover you have taken the wrong road so you do a u –turn. Sometimes we have an opinion on someone or something and discover we got it wrong, subsequently had to change our mind. Repentance involves changing your mind or direction. It is more than just being sorry. You can be sorry for doing wrong, having a mistaken opinion or going in the wrong direction but not repent – not change your actions, attitude or direction. Godly sorrow always leads to repentance. It involves change. 2Cor.7:9-11.

The Jews as a people had refused to recognise Jesus as the Messiah and they rejected Him. Peter responded to the amazement of the people at the healing of the lame man pointing out that it was not his power that did the miracle but Gods. The God of their Fathers who raised Jesus and of whom they denied and killed. Peter called on the people to repent. `Repent therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted out….` Acts3:19 In other words they had to change their mind and attitude about Jesus the One they crucified. Repentance involves changing your mind about sin and God.
Sin means `missing the mark` and to fall short of Gods standards. Rom.3:23. To refuse to hear God and to disobey Him is sin. Acts7:57,60 ; Rom.5:12-21. All wrongdoing and lawlessness is sin. 1JN3:4 ; 5:17. Many think that by keeping Gods laws they will please God and be accepted by Him. However God gave His law not to make us better but to reveal sin. The law reveals what is right and wrong. His law shows us we are sinful because we break it and fall short of Gods requirements. 1Tim.1:9 ; Gal.3:19.
……I would not have known sin except through the Law. For I would not have known coveteousness unless the Law had said, `You shall not covet.`
The Law shows us what sin is and all have sinned. Rom.3:23. All are under sin…. Gal.3:22. Therefore just as through one man sin entered the world, death through sin and this death spread to all men- because all sin. Since Adam everyone has sinned. Rom.5:12.
Some say `I have not murdered , committed adultery , stole anything or got drunk.` Sin is not just breaking a list of laws or carrying out some gross evil act. Sin begins in the heart. Wrong thoughts. Jesus taught that anyone who is angry without a cause is in danger of judgement or anyone who lusts after a woman has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matt.5:21-30.
Even to know to do good and not do it is sin. God wants us to turn from sin.

Have you ever heard it said, `I do the best I can. I`m not too bad, I try to do good and do no one any harm.`? Our best is not good enough for God. We all fall short of His standards. Rom.3:23 The Bible teaches that to break the Law on even one point you are guilty of it all. Jas2:10.
Remember to sin once a day in thought or act that is
7 sins in 1 week
365 sins in 1 year
3650 sins in 10 years
25550 sins in 70 years
That is a lot of sin.
The wages of our sin is death and through sin death came to us all. Rom.5:12 ; 6:23 ; Eph.2:1.
`Dead works` is a reference to the works or acts of sinful men. No matter what good acts we carry out, in Gods eyes they are dead – lifeless, obsolete, lost. Even our good, right, honourable and reputable acts are like filthy rags. Isa.64:6.
Repent. Change. Nolonger walk according to the course of this world-the way everyone is heading , disobeying God, rather change direction. Cf. Eph.2:1-3 Instead acknowledge and confess sin not covering it but turning from it. Psa.32:1-5 ; Prov.28:13. We break Gods Laws , fall short of His standards and our best is not good enough. We need God. TURN TOWARDS GOD.


1_FoundationsWhen building any type of structure it is important to have a good solid foundation. Jesus declared that the only house that would remain in the midst of a storm is the house built on a rock. By hearing and obeying Him one builds on the Rock. Jesus Christ the Word is the only Rock on which to build. Lk6:47-49 ; JN.1:14 ; 1COR.3:10,11.
The Bible describes the church as “a spiritual house”, Jesus Christ “ the chief cornerstone” and each believer “a living stone”. 1PETER2:4-6. The desire of Jesus Christ is not to gather numerous adherents but to make disciples who observe all that He taught. MATT.28:19, 20. The purpose of God is not to accumulate a pile of “living stones” but to build “a holy temple” in which to fill with His glorious presence. EPH.2:19-22.
“Building on Solid Foundations” is a basic outline of important truths for the building of the local church to fulfil Gods purpose. God is calling out a people to Himself, who grow up into maturity, filled with His life, reflecting Jesus Christ to the world and revealing the wisdom of God to principalities and powers. EPH.2:1-4,24.