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trumpet_callIn the past God spoke to His people through prophets at various times and in various ways. HEB.1:1. Three Hebrew words are used of the `PROPHET`. `Nabi` translated `prophet` means `to flow,boil up or over ; bubble or pour forth words,to gush.` EX.7:1-2 ; PROV.15:28.`One who calls`(to men in the name of God) The prophet receives from God and cannot but speak out what he has received. AMOS3:7,8. `Roeh` translated `seer` means `one who receives visions,one who inquires of and hears God` 1AM.9:9. The prophet sees into the heart of God and God reveals His intentions and purposes. ISA.29:10. `Hozeh` translated either `prophet` or `seer`. The Greek word for `prophet` is `prophetes` (pro-forth,phemi-to speak)means one who speaks forth or openly the mind and counsel of God.To receive and communicate an immediate message of God.
Prophets receive a definite call from God and are sent by Him.The Lord called Samuel. 1SAM.3:4. God sent Isaiah and Ezekiel. ISA.6 ; EZEK.2;1-3. To Amos the Lord said`Go prophecy to My people. AMOS 7:14,15. God sent Haggai and the people feared the presence of God.HAG.1:12.Prophets do not set themselves up nor are they called by men. Jeremiah was set apart even before he was born to be Gods prophet. JER.1:5.The prophetic ministry is not received by inheritance. Amos-`I was no prophet nor was I the son of a prophet but I was a sheepbreeder` AMOS7:14 …`Then the Lord took me as I followed the flock…` AMOS7:15. God initiates the prophets call and gives them His Word.The prophet does not receive the message or prophecy by studying but receives it from God.The Word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. The Lord put His words in his mouth.God gave him revelation. JER.1:2,4,9,11. The word of the Lord came expressly to Ezekiel.He saw,heard,the Spirit entered and he was sent. EZEK.1:3 ; 2:1-3.Prophets were often called while worshipping and in communion with God.Samuel was ministering to the Lord before Eli.1SAM.3:1. Isaiah saw the Lord…ISA6. Ezekiel saw visions of God. EZEK.1:1.
Prophets are friends of God.They have a real relationship and God shares His heart with them.Enoch prophecied.He walked with God and had a personal intimate relationship with Him. JUDE14 ; GEN.5:22.Abraham Friend of God and prophet. GEN.20:7 ; 2CHRON.20:7 ; JAS.2:23.Moses speaks face to face to God like to a friend. EX.33:11.God reveals His secrets to His prophets. AMOS3:7 Reveals His plan (sodh) a word used of friends sharing secrets. JER.23:21,22. PSA.55:13,14 My companion my close friend we took sweet counsel (sodh) together s we walk with the throng to the house of God.Prophets are `servants `DEUT.18:15 ; 34:10 ; NUM.12:6-8; AMOS3:7.They saw their own weakness and were totally dependant on God. EX.3:11 ; 4:1,10 ; JER.1:6,7 ; 17:5-7.
In these last days God has spoken to us through His Son Jesus Christ the Word in flesh. HEB.1:2. Jesus Christ has given to His people – the Church – gifts who include PROPHETS. EPHES.4:7,11-13.These ministries are given to equip us for the work of the ministry and to build us up until we come to unity of the faith and mature.The gift of prophecy given by the Holy Spirit is for edification,exhortation and comfort. 1COR.14:3. This is different from preaching in that prophecy is a specfic word. from the Lord to teach,encourage and comfort believers. Preaching on the other hand is `to announce good news,to declare a particular message of god tidings`.1COR.9:16 Eg. Proclaiming the Gospel primarily addressing unbelievers.
While all believers are encouraged to desire spiritual gifts especially prophecy not all are prophets. 1COR.14.The prophet is the gift given by Christ for the Church EPHES.4:7,11.The person is the gift.The gift of prophecy is a gift given by the Holy Spirit to the believer for edifying others.Just as all are not called to be Evangelists preparing Gods people for service but all believers are called to be a witness for Christ. MK16:15,16 ; ACTS1;8.Christ sets apart certain people as pastor/teachers but each believer is also to `teach and admonish one another` COL.3:16 ; ROM.15;14.