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Everything is created with a purpose.When God created the earth He did not create it to be deserted,empty and worthless but established it to be inhabited and full of life.Livestock,creatures,vegetation,wildlife,fish and birds to fill the land,sea and sky each producing after its own kind.Everything to mulitply and replenish the earth never leaving it empty.When God made man and woman He did not leave them empty but breathed into them life.Created with purpose to live,rule,reproduce and multiple.God did not make the earth in vain or for nothing.Even when God regreted making man seeing his wickedness and corruption before wiping out mankind He preserved Noah and his family covenanting to replenish the earth again.He gave us purpose,value and worth.He does not want an earth with nothing in it.You were not created for nothing God gave you life placing you on this earth to inhabit it.This place is worthless without you.
ISA.45:18 ; Gen.1:9-13,22-25 ; 2:7 ; 8:15-19 ; 9:1,7,18-19.



God created the heavens and earth.He created the earth not to be empty but inhabited full of life.God spoke and it came into being.The Word created all things.He was pleased with what He created and saw it was good.The finished product He said was very good. Why? When a artist paints,a writer composes or a craftsman makes it reveals a little about them. What God created revealed His nature.It came from the imagination of His heart.Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.Gods heart unlike mans is good and pure.God speaking out of His heart created the heavens and earth.By Him all things were created.It was good,pleasant,beautiful,excellent,delightful,precious and just right.How often have you looked at scenery and commented “Isn”t that beautiful?”.God is full of life and goodness.His glory is His goodness.His Word is the brightness of His glory.Jesus is the Word in flesh.When we look at creation on the earth and in the heavens we are struck with awe and wonder of its beauty and goodness.Remember it speaks of Him.What an awesome good God we have.;Isa.45:18;Jn1:1-5,14;Heb.1;Col.1:15,16.