The heart of the matter is the heart. Jer.4:3,4

Have you ever asked someone to do something and they say`No`?You ask again.They reply`No`.Again you ask.They refuse.You put it to them again.They don`t even listen.They harden their hearts.
Gods people exchanged God for other gods and idols.They committed adultery and went after other lovers.God called them back to Himself however they continually refused.God called on His people to take away `foreskins of their hearts` and cut off from other gods.`Circumcise yourselves to the Lord`Jeremiah4:3,4.Circumcision the cutting off the foreskin was a sign of Gods covenant with Abrahams descendants.Physical circumcision marked them as belonging to God-His people.Jeremiah prophecied that God would punish all the circumcision (Israel/Judah) with all the uncircumcision (Gentiles/pagans) because Israels HEARTS were uncircumcised. Jer.9:26.In the past Moses told Israel to `circumcise the foreskin of your heart and be stiff-necked nolonger`What does the Lord require of His people?To fear Him,to walk in all His ways,to love and serve Him with all their hearts keeping His commands.Deut.10:12-16.The Greatest Commandment is `to love God with all your heart,soul,mind and strength.`God is looking for people with a tender heart of love towards Him. Continue reading The heart of the matter is the heart. Jer.4:3,4



Wouldn`t that be appealing during this time of `credit crunch`?Even better- credit with a zero interest rate.Free. Gods grace – His lovingkindness and goodness is unlimited,unending,unfailing and unmerited-FREE.The PIN number is…or access is by FAITH.We can receive the benefits of Gods grace not by our good works but by trusting in Jesus Christ.He paid the price by giving His life.We neither have the strength nor ability to please God to His standards.Despite our failure and sin against Him God shows His love for us when He gave His Son to take the punishment we deserved. Continue reading A BANK WITH UNLIMITED CREDIT. Romans5:1-11

Two Evils. Jeremiah 3:1-13

God told His people they had committed two evils.

1.They forsook Him the Fountain of Life.Like a lover leaving their partner,a wife leaving her husband or a husband leaving his wife, Gods people left Him for other gods/idols.They left the Glory-the Awesome One True and Living God full of goodness and kindness for gods that could neither hear nor speak.No comparsion.God regards it as a great evil when we loose our first love for Him,nolonger seeking Him , talking to Him nor worshipping Him but instead loving someone else,hobby,career,house,possession or sport. Remember God is the Fountain or Spring of Life who refreshes,quenches and satisfies.Gives life to the full. Continue reading Two Evils. Jeremiah 3:1-13

You are no accident or afterthought! Jeremiah 1.

Have you ever wondered what God was doing before He made all of Creation?He thought about it.Before you make,paint,invent or play anything you think and plan it.What we do and say come from what we desire or think.
God told Jeremiah `Before I formed you in the womb I knew you`JER1:5  David said that before he was even born God had written a book of the days of his life prior to David living them. Precious thoughts.  (PSA139:13-18) What a thought God knew me before he formed me. He planned me.
Continue reading You are no accident or afterthought! Jeremiah 1.


The Bible says, ‘It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord.’ Psa.92:1 In other words its the right thing to do, it pleases God and benefits us. The Psalmist also says ‘It is good to declare Gods loving kindness.’ Psa92:2a Start the day thanking God for His love and kindness. By faith anticipate that God will demonstrate His love and goodness to you today. Instead of focusing on what you have to do, the problem you have to face or worrying of what might happen know God is Continue reading IT`S GOOD TO START AND FINISH THE DAY RIGHT.

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