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I am what I am by Gods grace today
This is the way He made me and it never ceases to amaze me
That He loved me so much and made me as such that I am what I am Living today.

I was born in sin and I had no peace within
Guilty and dead but Jesus He cared
For He came and died for me setting me completely free
So that I am what I am living today

He`s cleansed me from sin and I have no guilt within
In Him I abide and in me He resides
I`m alive now with Him and I`ve got hope within
So I am what I am living today

A child of God am I and this the reason why
His Spirit dwells in me setting me completely free
Now I belong to God and God belongs to me
So I am what I am living today

I`m in Gods hand and He`s got for me a plan
A position in His Church A place for me to work
In service for the King so that I may worship Him
For I am what I am living today.



As a child our mother fed us and then helped us master the skill of using the spoon,knife and fork.By the time our son or daughter goes to university we expect they can not only fed themselves,more than just boil an egg and cook themselves a decent meal.New believers need spiritual fathers and mothers to teach,encourage and nuture in the faith with “milk to meat”.However Gods intention is that as we grow up we all learn to meditate and study the Word of God for ourselves.Cook our own meal.So often as believers we meet with the church for the Pastor/Teacher to feed us or travel from event to event to hear the latest “great teacher” or “anointed prophet”.Spoon fed,tickled and can become lazy.Don”t miss the enjoyment of cooking your own meal and feeding yourself.Spending time alone with God,hearing Him,searching the Scriptures and letting His Word dwell in you richly.


1.A good starter.  Pray,ask God to give you wisdom,understanding and revelation.Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you into truth.To make the Bible alive and relevant to where you are at.

2.Good utensils and ingredients. Use a good version of the Bible eg. New King James Version and have other versions for comparsions and to expand on the meaning eg. NIV,RSV,New Living Translation,Amplfied Bible, and Message.Think of a Study Bible and a Bible Dictionary.On the internet check out – Bible Gateway,Blue Letter Bible or Crosswalks Bible Study Site.Don`t forget a note book.As you search,compare,meditate and listen to the Spirit enlighten,reflect and write.

3.Cooking methods.Study a book in the Bible going through chapter by chapter and verse by verse.Ask -To whom was it written? Why was it written? What is it saying? How does this relate to me today? Vary your methods of study.Do a word study tracing a particular word through the Bible eg. Grace,faith,fear,Glory,forgivenss,strength…Do a topicial study eg. The Kingdom of God,Fruit of the Spirit,Gifts of the Spirit,Covenants,Parables of Jesus… Study a Bible character eg Joseph,Joshua,David, Daniel,Hosea,Peter,Barnabas,Timothy…

4.A Balanced Diet.They say `too much of one thing is a bad thing`Naturally it`s important to have a balanced diet.There is the temptation for us to dwell on our favourite Bible doctrines or subjects.Don`t just read,study and meditate on eg Grace,Faith,Second Coming or whatever is `sweet to your taste`. Try something new and widen your understanding.Look at the whole counsel of God.Remember over emphasis on one truth can open up the risk of error.

Finally do not cook too much,eat and get bloated.How often have you after a feed said `I couldn`t eat like that everyday of the week`.Better small portions and more often. Whe studying Gods Word it is good sometimes to enjoy spending a lengthy time searching,comparing and meditating.However more beneficial would probably to spend shorter times but more often.Make a start and find out what is productive for you. Remember as you grow up learn to feed yourself and cook your own meal.




Small group leaders are not perfect.Like all believers they have weaknesses,make mistakes and wrong decisions but know and experience Gods grace.Leaders pursue excellence,intimacy with God and grow in their relationship with Jesus being changed to be more like Him.
1.AUTHENTIC.Be real.Just be yourself recognising you have unique gifts.Don`t perform or try to be someone you are not.Be sincere and transparent in your walk with God.
2.SERVANT HEART.Having an unselfish love for others expecting nothing in return and going the extra mile.Not looking to your own interests but others. PHIL.2:3,4.
3.SPIRIT FILLED.Just as an electric appliance without power is ineffective so too gifted leaders without the power of the Holy Spirit.Those who serve in the Early Church were full of the Holy Spirit.ACTS2:4 ; 4:8 ; 6:3,5.Draw strength,wisdom and power from the life of the Spirit.
4.TRUSTWORTHY.Good leaders provide a safe and honest environment for sharing.Keep a confidence and don1t gossip.Show respect and faithfulness to group members and leadership.
5.HONOUR LEADERS.Before leaders can lead they must have been led.Learned to be followers.The disciples where disciples of Jesus before they went on to make disciples of the nations.Good small group leaders honour,respect and love their local church leadership united with the local vision.
6.TEACHABLE.Leaders are god listeners and lean from others.They spend time gaining wisdom through study and the Holy Spirit.Never having a `know it all` or `having arrived` attitude.
7.SACRIFICAL.Have a commitment to give time for group meeting,preparation and prayer.Energised by a passion to serve God and others.
8.CELEBRATE.Enjoy leading.Celebrate God,His goodness and what He is doing in your group.Don`t be too busy,burdened with problems and have no joy.If you do not enjoy leading you will not lead well.Rest,relax and learn to laugh.
1.Invit and meet people you think would connect to the group.Follow up on new and absent members.Leaders grow their own groups.
2.Implement the teaching series as set by your local `eldership`/leadership.If left to you as a group leader select a teaching curriculum that will take your group members on the next steps of their journey with God.Pray and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in choosing.
3.Pray and prepare for small group meeting ahead of time.
4.Pray regularly for your group members by name.Remember you burn out if you believe you are responsible for people transforming and growing.God does the work.
5.Be attentive to the needs of your group.Let God use your eyes and ears.Have discernment.
6.Pastoral Care-if sick,bereaved….inform local Pastoral leadership.As a group rally around members facing difficult circumstances.
7.Encourage group members to move one step at a time in their journey with God.Take a genuine interest in their progress.
8.Ask your group for feedback.Find out what they enjoyed of disliked and why?
9.Arrange social activities and fun.Celebrate for example birthdays and special occasions.
10.Look for and develop a co-leader to assist.Consult local leadership.This is particular beneficial if you are sick,an emergency arises and you are unavailable.Rather than cancel or change a group night it is good to be able to bring in the co leader.It`s important to develop a consistentrhythm of when you hold your group avoiding confusion.Don`t always host group at your home.


When it comes to worshipping God corporately as His church Christians have often debated on whether it should be to a set pattern and plan or left open and spontaneous.As individuals should we have set times or prayer like first thing in the morning or just pray as we live life such as when driving the car or as needs arise.Why not both? Worship which is scheduled and spontaneous.Here is a parallel…It is important for husbands and wives as their lives become busy to set aside time to be together alone.Hectic lifestyles develop with work,kids,house and hobbies so it`s necessary for couples to have time for each other.Date nights for continued friendship,fun,communication and intimacy.A time to show worth and value to the other and not allowing other things or people get in between and cause a distant relationship.Believers who love God with all their heart and follow Jesus Christ soo too should spend time alone with Him.Don`t allow others or things cause our relationship with Him become distant.God first.Show Him value and worth settting time to be alone with Him.Worship God not just in the company of others eg church but alone.Intimate fellowship with Him-speaking,hearing,seeing and sometimes just being in His presence.We call it sometimes personal devotion or `quiet time` but it`s time alone one to one.
Back to the parallel – for a couple however set date nights can become just a routine and another thing on the calendar.For couples it is so important to have those spontantaneous times when off the cuff they do something together.Seizing the moment,springing a surprise,going or doing something not been or done before.Quite often those spontaneous intimate times together are remembered and cherished as special.In our relationship with God we too will remember those spontaneous times when we get alone with God.A time when we walk in the woods and talk,lift an instrument play and sing new songs,shout aloud to God on top of a mountain or suddenly stop the car and begin to write down what He says to us.Unplanned and unsheduled but prompted by a desire within for intimate worship.
Corporately when the church meets leaders lead worship having prepared,ready and planned hymns and spiritual songs.I`ve learned God directs our plans when we invite Him to give us wisdom and direction but also we need to give Him space.There are times for the spontaneous allowing the Spirit to do as He wills,making room for gifts of the Spirit.Such moments produce new songs and a “now” Word from God.Specific for the moment.
In our worship of God both individualy and corporately make room for the scheduled and spontaneous in our lives.Enjoy the benefits and priviledge of knowing Him.



John prophecied that Jesus would baptise His disciples with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Matt.3:11.Jesus called His disciples to wait in Jerusalem after His ascension. `For John baptised with water but in a few days you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit. Acts1:5. On the Day of Pentecost `They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance` Acts2:1-4. Peter explaining what had taken place declared that this was what Joel had spoken of when he prophecied ` God would pour His Spirit on all flesh`Joel2:28-32 Acts2:14-21.This promised gift of the Holy Spirit was `..to you and your children and to all who are afar off,as many as the Lord our God will call. Acts2:38,39.


Baptise (Greek:baptizo) means – to dip,to immerse.To be Baptised with the Holy Spirit means to be immersed in the person of the Holy Spirit.Scripture speaks of the Holy Spirit being `poured out on them` and `falling on them`. Acts8:14-17 ; 10:44,45.Paul draws the contrast calling believers to be filled with the Spirit and not drunk with wine. Ephes.5:18 ; Acts2:1-4.This means more than having the Holy Spirit indwelling but having Him fill your life and overflowing.The disciples had received the Spirit when Jesus breathed on them. Jn20:22.Just as when God first breathed into Adam he received life Gen.2:7 the disciples received new life when Jesus breathed on them.But now He wanted to fill them and work through them in power. Jesus not only spoke of a well of water within springing up into everlasting life Jn4:1-26 but also for those who were thirsty and believed rivers of living water flowing out from their innermost being. Jn7:37-39. Paul urges believers to be filled with the Spirit-the word `filled` used in the continuous sense. Ephes.5:18 The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit on a number of occasions. Acts2:1-4 ; 4:31. Don`t be satisfied with having Gods Spirit within desire and be filled,baptised and overflowing with the life of the Spirit.


1.Power to be a witness (to testify of and to show Jesus).Boldness to speak the Word of God. Acts1:8 ; 4:31.      
2.Joy.Praising God ,speaking of His works and glorifying Jesus. Acts2:11 ; 10:46 ; 13:52 Ephes.5:18,19 ; Jn16:14.  
3.The Spirit gives gifts and ministries distributing to each individual.Every believer equipped to function in Christs Body. Acts2:4,17,18 ; 10:46 ; 19:6 ; 1Cor.12:7-11
4.Revealing the life of Jesus Christ to others.Being changed to be more like Him producing the fruit of the Spirit.   2Cor.3:17,18 ; 4:7-10 ; Gal.5:16-18 ; Rom.8:13.


Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Be thirsty-you must desire to be filled with the Spirit.
Go to Jesus-don`t expect to receive from men.
Ask.Talk to Jesus.You do not just empty your mind and receive anything but specifically ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit.
Believe that you will receive.Faith.God will not give you a `stone` if you ask for the fulness of the Spirit. Matt.7:7-11
Drink.Receive.When something is offered to you you must reach out and accept it.
Now expect the Holy Spirit to flow from within.Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.The Spirit will cause you to rejoice,speak in tongues prophecy…..be led by the Spirit.


oil lampOne evening worshipping God with a few friends I visualised a oil lamp at a height with a light burning bright.No matter how dark it got the light continued to shine.The darker it become the brighter the light shone.Jesus Christ is the Light (JOHN1:9 ; 8:12) In Him is life and that life the light of men. He shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome the Light.No matter what darkness surrounds us or we sense we are in, look to Jesus the Light as nothing can put out His Light.Worshipping Him draws your focus from what surrounds you to see Him.
I noticed oil spilling over from the oil lamp unto the ground and each drop of oil fuelled a flame giving light.A scripture came to my mind-`anointed more than his companions`.Jesus the Christ (Anointed One) declared when commencing the work prepared for Him,`the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has anointed Me…`Luke4:18 ; Isaiah61:1 ; 11:2.The writer to the Hebrews wrote concerning the Son (Jesus)`Therefore Your God has anointed You with oil of gladness more than Your companions. Hebrews1:9 cf. Isaiah61:3. Peter on the Day of Pentecost told those in Jerusalem God raised Jesus and as David had said of Him (the Messiah/Christ)He would not decay,know the ways of life and be full of joy.Acts2:22-28 Peter went on to say that Jesus now at the right hand of the Father poured out the promised Holy Spirit on men.Acts2:29-39.The Holy Spirit gives us LIFE and the oil gives us JOY.The Spirit of the Lord changes us to be like Him. 2Corinthians3:17-4:6.As He is in this world so are we.1JN4:17.Lights.
If we are lights what would put our lights out?The darkness?NO. NO.Darkness cannot overcome the light.
What would dim or cause our lights to flicker?Lack of fuel.Low on oil.Be continually filled with the Spirit. Ephesians5:18 Arise shine for your Light has come. Isa.60:1


We cannot stop the ageing process no matter how much we pursue healthy habits to benefit the body and mind.Many are not satisfied with their health or lack of it,how they look or how they feel.`Mutton dressed as lamb`-some in later years try to dress or act as younger versions but stick out like a sore thumb.A growing number try operations,alternative therapies and medicines to prolong their youthful looks or more importantly life.Some exchange a personal God for an impersonal energy tapped into through massage,needles,breathing posture and mind control.While we can experience a degree of health physically and mentally ageing process continues.BUT REMEMBER we are more than a Body and Mind.We have a spirit originally given by God.He breathed into Adam `the breath of life`. Gen.2:7 cf. 1Thess.5:23. When a man dies on the table the doctor my say `He has gone` but his body is still there -feet,legs arms hair…The doctor is talking about the mans spirit.In pursuing WHOLENESS we look not just for a healthy body and mind but more importantly a healthy spirit.How can we have a healthy spirit? Continue reading YOU ARE MORE THAN A BODY AND MIND