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When it comes to worshipping God corporately as His church Christians have often debated on whether it should be to a set pattern and plan or left open and spontaneous.As individuals should we have set times or prayer like first thing in the morning or just pray as we live life such as when driving the car or as needs arise.Why not both? Worship which is scheduled and spontaneous.Here is a parallel…It is important for husbands and wives as their lives become busy to set aside time to be together alone.Hectic lifestyles develop with work,kids,house and hobbies so it`s necessary for couples to have time for each other.Date nights for continued friendship,fun,communication and intimacy.A time to show worth and value to the other and not allowing other things or people get in between and cause a distant relationship.Believers who love God with all their heart and follow Jesus Christ soo too should spend time alone with Him.Don`t allow others or things cause our relationship with Him become distant.God first.Show Him value and worth settting time to be alone with Him.Worship God not just in the company of others eg church but alone.Intimate fellowship with Him-speaking,hearing,seeing and sometimes just being in His presence.We call it sometimes personal devotion or `quiet time` but it`s time alone one to one.
Back to the parallel – for a couple however set date nights can become just a routine and another thing on the calendar.For couples it is so important to have those spontantaneous times when off the cuff they do something together.Seizing the moment,springing a surprise,going or doing something not been or done before.Quite often those spontaneous intimate times together are remembered and cherished as special.In our relationship with God we too will remember those spontaneous times when we get alone with God.A time when we walk in the woods and talk,lift an instrument play and sing new songs,shout aloud to God on top of a mountain or suddenly stop the car and begin to write down what He says to us.Unplanned and unsheduled but prompted by a desire within for intimate worship.
Corporately when the church meets leaders lead worship having prepared,ready and planned hymns and spiritual songs.I`ve learned God directs our plans when we invite Him to give us wisdom and direction but also we need to give Him space.There are times for the spontaneous allowing the Spirit to do as He wills,making room for gifts of the Spirit.Such moments produce new songs and a “now” Word from God.Specific for the moment.
In our worship of God both individualy and corporately make room for the scheduled and spontaneous in our lives.Enjoy the benefits and priviledge of knowing Him.



worshipIn my late teens speaking to a church group in Tilbury, East London I remember outlining valid ways in which to express praise and worship to God.I gave Biblical examples of singing,shouting,clapping,lifting hands,playing musical instruments,bowing,dancing and leaping for joy.Afterwards an elderly woman approached me and commented,`Son it was good to hear Scriptural encouragement to express praise God in various ways but….` and I waited for the `but`….she continued`when you are in love with Jesus you will automatically express praise to God in those varying ways anyway.`It hit me ! I was trying to encourage and justify ways to express praise to God.I learned a lesson not to forget `Worship flows from a love relationship`.You do not have to encourage or prompt `the Kop` at Anfield to sing,shout and clap for Liverpool.The fans do it because they are passionate about football and their team.When you fall in love with someone you want to be in their presence,praise and show acts of kindness towards them.No wonder Jesus taught that the greatest and most important commandment is `to love God with all your heart,soul and mind and to love others` Matt.22:37-40 Deut.6:5 Acts of worship are to be carried out from a heart of desire and not out of duty.Believe in Jesus?The love of God has been poured into your heart. Rom.5:5. Love Him passionately and a life of worship will follow.Worship flows from a love relationship not a routine ritual.It is easy to respond to the love of someone and God loves you with an unmeasurable , unending and unmerited love.I love Him because He first loved me. 1John4:19. Jesus desires His people to open up their hearts and have fellowship with Him. Rev.3:20 ; John14:23 In a husband and wife relationship there are planned times to be alone together and to show affection but those spontaneous intimate moments are even more special.So too in our love relationship with God there is both a place for planned and spontaneous worship.It is not about our performance but our passsionate love for Him.He is the centre of our affections.Delight in the Lord.


faith in GodTOWARDS GOD.

Have you found yourself in the same position as Paul in the New Testament? The good he wanted to do he didn`t do and the evil he did not want to do he practiced. Rom.7:15-25.No matter how much we try to live without committing sin we fail.When we break the law we deserve the punishment which includes the curse and death the penalty. Deut.26:14 Rom.5:12-18 Gal.3:10.We need rescued from ourselves.Saved from sin and its consequences.WHO IS ABLE?  GOD – He is the Saviour of all men and is able to save totally.Rom.7:23 Heb.7:25.


The Good News is through Jesus Christ.God loved us so much that He sent His Son into the world to save us from our sins-He is the Saviour. Matt.1:21 Jn3:16,17 1Tim.1:15 1Jn4:14.Jesus did not sin and kept all Gods law doing what His Father asked. 1Pet.2:22 Jn14:31;15:10 2Cor.5:21 Heb.4:15 1Jn3:5.God showed His love for us by placing the punishment we deserved for our sin on His Son Jesus,who did not deserve punishment because He did not sin. Jesus took our place-the Great Exchange. Rom.5:8 2Cor.5:21 Heb2:9 ; 9:28.Jesus Christ loved us and gave Himself for us bearing our sorrows and sickness becoming a curse and tasting death in our place. JN15:13 Matt.8;17 Heb.2:9 Gal.3;13 1Pet.2:24 ;3;18 1Jn3:16.


To receive this salvation-to be saved from sin and its consequences you need to have faith in God.Believe He is who He says He is and rewards those who call on Him. Heb.11:6 If you turn to God and call on the Lord Jesus you will be saved.Rom.10:13.Many choose to believe a lie instead of the truth of God.Often with their wisdom view God and Jesus Christ as foolishness. Rom.10:13 1Cor.1:21 But those who believe the message God is pleased to save.Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in what He has done for you, Receive the gift of His love. JN3:16 Rom.10;9 Acts16:31 2Tim.3:15.


When you believe and accept what Jesus Christ has done for you-
HE FORGIVES US OUR SINS and not just ignoring them He removes them.He has chosen to nolonger remember our sins and does not hold any record of wrongs.Psa.103:12 ISA.43:25 Jer.31:34 Acts13;38 Eph.1:7 Col2:13 Heb.8:12 1Jn1:9.
HE FREES US.Nolonger condemned,released from the death sentence,free from the curse and penalty of breaking Gods law. JN3:18 Rom.8:1 Gal.3:10-13.
HE JUSTIFIES US-acquitted from guilt,pronounced righteous,just as if we never sinned and when He looks at us He doesn`t see our sin but sees Jesus Christ His righteousness- a gift to us. Rom.3:21-26 ; 4:5-8,22-25 ; 5:6-21 ; 10:1-13 1JN1:9-2:1.


089Take a few full buckets of water out of the sea and the ocean doesn`t even notice it. During the summer as families on the beach take bucket loads of water out of the sea to pour around their sand castles it has no effect on the vast ocean. Gods love is similar inexhaustible.You draw from His love and there is much more left.There is more than enough. If I sin Gods love is sufficient to forgive and forget when I confess to Him.But I sin big! Gods love is bigger.Gods love Jesus sorts out sin – He took the penalty for sin,broke the power of sin giving freedom and sorts out the consequences of sin empowering life Continue reading GODS LOVE IS LIKE AN OCEAN

The heart of the matter is the heart. Jer.4:3,4

Have you ever asked someone to do something and they say`No`?You ask again.They reply`No`.Again you ask.They refuse.You put it to them again.They don`t even listen.They harden their hearts.
Gods people exchanged God for other gods and idols.They committed adultery and went after other lovers.God called them back to Himself however they continually refused.God called on His people to take away `foreskins of their hearts` and cut off from other gods.`Circumcise yourselves to the Lord`Jeremiah4:3,4.Circumcision the cutting off the foreskin was a sign of Gods covenant with Abrahams descendants.Physical circumcision marked them as belonging to God-His people.Jeremiah prophecied that God would punish all the circumcision (Israel/Judah) with all the uncircumcision (Gentiles/pagans) because Israels HEARTS were uncircumcised. Jer.9:26.In the past Moses told Israel to `circumcise the foreskin of your heart and be stiff-necked nolonger`What does the Lord require of His people?To fear Him,to walk in all His ways,to love and serve Him with all their hearts keeping His commands.Deut.10:12-16.The Greatest Commandment is `to love God with all your heart,soul,mind and strength.`God is looking for people with a tender heart of love towards Him. Continue reading The heart of the matter is the heart. Jer.4:3,4