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When it comes to worshipping God corporately as His church Christians have often debated on whether it should be to a set pattern and plan or left open and spontaneous.As individuals should we have set times or prayer like first thing in the morning or just pray as we live life such as when driving the car or as needs arise.Why not both? Worship which is scheduled and spontaneous.Here is a parallel…It is important for husbands and wives as their lives become busy to set aside time to be together alone.Hectic lifestyles develop with work,kids,house and hobbies so it`s necessary for couples to have time for each other.Date nights for continued friendship,fun,communication and intimacy.A time to show worth and value to the other and not allowing other things or people get in between and cause a distant relationship.Believers who love God with all their heart and follow Jesus Christ soo too should spend time alone with Him.Don`t allow others or things cause our relationship with Him become distant.God first.Show Him value and worth settting time to be alone with Him.Worship God not just in the company of others eg church but alone.Intimate fellowship with Him-speaking,hearing,seeing and sometimes just being in His presence.We call it sometimes personal devotion or `quiet time` but it`s time alone one to one.
Back to the parallel – for a couple however set date nights can become just a routine and another thing on the calendar.For couples it is so important to have those spontantaneous times when off the cuff they do something together.Seizing the moment,springing a surprise,going or doing something not been or done before.Quite often those spontaneous intimate times together are remembered and cherished as special.In our relationship with God we too will remember those spontaneous times when we get alone with God.A time when we walk in the woods and talk,lift an instrument play and sing new songs,shout aloud to God on top of a mountain or suddenly stop the car and begin to write down what He says to us.Unplanned and unsheduled but prompted by a desire within for intimate worship.
Corporately when the church meets leaders lead worship having prepared,ready and planned hymns and spiritual songs.I`ve learned God directs our plans when we invite Him to give us wisdom and direction but also we need to give Him space.There are times for the spontaneous allowing the Spirit to do as He wills,making room for gifts of the Spirit.Such moments produce new songs and a “now” Word from God.Specific for the moment.
In our worship of God both individualy and corporately make room for the scheduled and spontaneous in our lives.Enjoy the benefits and priviledge of knowing Him.



Some of the causes of sickness include 1.Your lifestyle choices eg.what you eat,do with your body,and what you think on. 2.Your environment eg pollution,smoking,toxic chemicals,infections..3.Hereditary-runs in the family.4.The curse of the Law-sin,breaking Gods Laws.5.Satan-out to kill,steal and destroy.
James writing to believers JAS1:2,3 asks Is anyone among you sick? Jas5:14Believers who are redeemed from the curse of the law and who live endeavouring to make the right choices may become sick. So what does the Bible call us to do?
PRAY.Call on the elders of the church and pray.JAS5:14. You do not have because you do not ask JAS4:2 The man with a fever-Paul entered in and PRAYED and laid hands on him and healed him. ACTS28;8,9.Jesus said If you ask anything in My Name I will do it.Ask and you will receive.
JN14:12-14;LK11:9-13.Now this is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us.And if we know He hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petition we ask of Him. 1JN5:14-15. Do you believe He hears? Continue reading IS ANYONE AMONG YOU SICK?